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ADPS Premium Sublimation Ink
ADPS Premium Sublimation Ink
Contact : 03-7773 0233
Mobile : 0163317286
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A4-0-50, Jalan 1/152, Taman OUG Parklane, KL
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ADPS Premium Sublimation Ink

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Suitable for Printhead DX5/DX7/DX6/5113 etc

Suitable for Epson L-series

Premium Quality Sublimation Ink 100ml

-Less Printhead clog

-Quick dry

-Good quality colour


*Expired date 1 year

*Keep out of direct sunlight

*Lightly shaking before use

*Recommended drain out in 30days after open

*Do not store at freezing or high-temperature area

*Avoid contact with eyes & keep out of children
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