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An all-new hybrid concept with a digital component to make MGF through brand and product showcases 24/7 for 365 days. MGF Online is a business tool that brings wider market reach with longer exposure period for exhibitors.
It offers business matching opportunities online and onsite to maximize connectivity and productivity for exhibitors and buyers through 1-1 meetings.

Promotional Product Design Award (PPD)

Stay ahead of your competition through innovation. The PPD award, jointly organised alongside Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia (MRM) will make its presence known in the MGF. All finalist prototypes will be showcased to the public at the centre stage where the prize-giving ceremony will happen during MGF’s official opening. MOU signing will be initiated with our local & international partners.

Exhibitor Kickstart Program

In support of enhanced open innovation and business creation in the industry, this new segment was initiated by MGPA. In this platform, startups can gain a foothold in the industry and will be able to accelerate their business growth. This program allows startups to not only create brand awareness but to the right audience but in the most economical manner.