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Familidoo Baby Carrier
Familidoo Baby Carrier

Familidoo Baby Carrier

The retractable windproof cover and inner 3D honeycomb mesh are elements that reflect the care and engineering we put into the Familidoo Baby Carrier.

To avoid a draft on the baby's back on a cool day simply zip the cover down or conveniently stow it away to allow for ventilation on warmer days.

The upper carrier section can completely detach and with the use of an inflatable cushion makes for the second option of a single waist-band carrier to help mum support the baby.
Added pockets, extra-padded wide straps, and signature Familidoo styling throughout the panels and attractive matching backpack make this the perfect choice for all Familidoo travelers.

Product Description
*Age: 6 - 36 months
*Gross Weight: 0.58 kg
*Optional: Carrier backpack

*Wide-padded shoulder straps
*Outer: Retractable thermal wind-proof cover to protect baby in cold conditions
*Inner: 3D honeycomb fabric design under windproof cover for ventilation
*Pocket for storage, or pouch for inflatable cushion in waist-band configuration
*Double protection of zip and buckle at connetion with detachable waistband
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