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Digital Clock
Digital Clock
Contact : 323811061
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Suite 27-1, Level 27, Menara Dion, 27 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Digital Clock

Nexus Industrial Design Limited
History: established since 2003 in Hong Kong, specialises in professional industrial design, engineering and manufacturing of electronic products.
Mission: use simple and aesthetic design and detailed engineering, creates functionally reliable products with timeless design and style.
We have our own production facilities, testing equipments, QA/QC team to ensure our products comply with most updated international safety and quality requirements.
Products : multi-functional clocks and radios; weather forecast thermo-hygrometers, CO2/PM2.5/TVOC air quality monitor, alarm clock with wireless charging panel, portable lamp with mood light.
Future lookout: optimise Nexus aesthetics and engineering, continuously provide pluralistic designs and high-quality products to serve with worldwide customers.
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