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ACEFLYⓇ Platinum Antibacterial Towel Series
ACEFLYⓇ Platinum Antibacterial Towel Series
Contact : +886 8652321
Mobile : 0148084947
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No. 94, Fanjin Road, Yongle Village, Poyan Township,Changhua County, Taiwan 516
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ACEFLYⓇ Platinum Antibacterial Towel Series

.Patented Acelfy Frabric with an new double-side and High-density terry knitting technology, soft and comfortable, does not shed, and has super absorbency.
.The diameter of the yarns is only 0.3% of one single hair. With porous absorbent and fast-drying characteristics, air dry after use, and will recover soft, dry and fluffy quickly, completely free of cotton perishable, odorous and mold problems.
.As soft as silk, providing a gentle touch for your skin.
.Patented dyeing and finishing process, exceeding the industry standard of coloring fastness, do not fade.
.Made by listed and ISO-9001 company in Taiwan, you can feel reassured to use our products.
.manufactured using an environmentally-friendly process. It has been certified by third-party organizations to ensure that it meets environmental and safety standards.
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