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Magic dry - Kitchen cleaning cloth(30x32cm)
Magic dry - Kitchen cleaning cloth(30x32cm)
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No. 94, Fanjin Road, Yongle Village, Poyan Township,Changhua County, Taiwan 516
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Magic dry - Kitchen cleaning cloth(30x32cm)

※Special terry knit fabric provides more contact area, remove oil, water stains or dish residues more easily. Ideal for sink, stoves, corners and edges, etc. Pick up and lock dirt into the fibers, cleaning and drying the applied surface.

※Microfiber+ is ultra-fine fiber that has undergone a high-tech fiber splitting. Remove dirt and stains, and has high water absorption and lint-free, which is completely different from other regular products in the market.

※Absorbs seven times its own weight. Clean, dry, and leaves no watermarks and stains.

※Microfiber+ is under rigorous production procedures that are soft ,pull-resistant, non-yarn-removing and non fiber shedding. It is fully suited to long-term or heavy-use.

※Certificated with OEKO-TEX100 and SGS, has strong water absorption, excellent color fastness and no chemical or heavy metal substances that harmful to human body or environment.

※Patented dyeing and finishing process, exceeding the industry standard of coloring fastness, do not fade.

※Made by listed and ISO-9001 company in Taiwan, you can feel reassured to use our products.
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