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Sttoke Lite Reusable Stainless Steel Cup
Sttoke Lite Reusable Stainless Steel Cup
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Sttoke Lite Reusable Stainless Steel Cup

STTOKE Lite Reusable Cups are the non ceramic coated version from Sttoke.

With a capacity now of 340ml, lightweight, spillproof (not leakproof) and double wall insulation.

They’re super comfortable to hold, with a powder coating paintwork finish. It makes perfect ergonomic sense tapering it bottom to top and easy sipping action from the lid makes drinking from them pleasurable.

Made to be durable, with a stainless steel lining on the inside, it’ll keep your beverage hot up to 3 hours, chuck a cool beverage in there and your cold beverage will stay cool up to 6 hours.

You’ll be surprised at how hot/cold it is, and how delicious your drink still tastes.

The Lid, being spill-proof, is similar to takeaway single-use paper cups, has a slider to open and close for drinking/sipping. Spills around drinking are is normal or common.

Ready stock available in Carbon Black and Frost White. We sold out on Sunbeam Yellow.
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