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Familidoo BabyCare Device
Familidoo BabyCare Device

Familidoo BabyCare Device

BabyCare Device uses smart technology to easily observe your baby’s breath rate in real-time! Using the Familidoo mobile app, BabyCare Device connects to your phone or tablet and provides caregivers with instant notifications and audible alerts about their loved ones. The Familidoo mobile app also includes a template for recording activity from the BabyCare Device and a reference guide for vaccinations.

Product Description
*Measurements: 40(L)x48(W)x16(H) mm
*Mobile Phone Operating System Compatibility: Android 9.0 or higher / iOS 12.0 or higher recommended
*Bluetooth Version: Low-Power Consumption BLE5.0
*Battery Type: 350 mAh, 3.7V Li-Polymer (Actual battery life may vary depending on individual usage habits)
*Net Weight: 23g
*Gross Weight: 75g

*Physiologic Monitor/ Breathing, Monitoring, and Recording
*Reminder / Abnormal Status, Vaccination Reference Guide
*Real-time position of the baby
*Real-time Status / Awake, Asleep
*Health Management Tracker / Height, Weight, Head Circumference, Milk Intake, Diaper Change Status
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