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Cooling towel
Cooling towel

Cooling towel

※Instant cooling from 50°C to 15°C.

※Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation (1466-TW) patented blended of hydrophilic nylon and polyester fiber process, creating a unique material for exclusive moisture absorption, heat removal and coolness. It can take away body heat by the wind tunnel effect of surface honeycomb structure. Significant cooling effect, cool down 22 degrees by infrared test.

※Added with collagen, providing soft touch and perfect moisturizing, providing complete skincare from hot to cold, outdoor to indoor.

※Special fiber material, not easy to breed mildew, not easy to cause odor and stains. When washing, rinse with water and wring it out to keep it as new.

※As only one to pass complete test. certificated with SGS Q-MAX, ANT-UV anti-UV test. Free of formaldehyde, azo dye, fluorescent agent and other hazardous heavy metal material. safe for the environment and for users.

※Stylish, can be used as headscarf, scarf or mask for all occasions
Patented dyeing and finishing process, exceeding the industry standard of coloring fastness, do not fade.

※Made by listed and ISO-9001 company in Taiwan, you can feel reassured to use our products.
When your child has a fever, rinse and put it on the forehead. The the cooling effect is comparable to cooling gel sheets. Reusable and the effect is remarkable!
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